Our Approach
to Workouts


At SCULPTpdx, your cardio will never be boring! Our high intensity interval training (HIIT) will push you to your limits. This will elevate your heart rate, burn fat faster, and keep you engaged. On our state of the art Woodway Treadmills, you’ll never miss a beat!


Strength training is our main focus here at SCULPTpdx. Each workout is based on your every day functionality and stability. We created a 7 day rotation focusing on specific muscle groups and workout styles. This will ensure that your body gets a balanced workout and allows sufficient time for your muscles to recover, so we can push them even further!


Core training is an EVERYDAY training! Our core muscles are the base and support of our entire body, and strengthening them will help prevent injuries and make us stronger as we age. At SCULPTpdx, you will learn that every exercise is a core exercise. We also end each class with specific core workouts to help strengthen and sculpt your abs!



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